Affirmation without discipline is waste of time

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An affirmation is usually a sentence or phrase that you repeat regularly to make a formal declaration to yourself and the universe of your intention for it to be the truth. While some may say it is similar to “fake it till you make it,” some would suggest it is holding the vision of what he know can be true.


“I can do it!” “I am good at it!” “I can achieve it!” and similar incantations are often thought to lead the way to success.  Each affirmation is meant to create a mindset of accomplishment.  The problem is without an affirmation followed by real action, you are only just doing the affirmation with no result and can be completely waste of time.  You must resolve to do something, and then follow it up with action.

Jim Rohn said it best in this quote, “Affirmation without discipline is the beginning of delusion.”  He is saying you cannot just talk your way to success; you need to discipline yourself with action to make it happen.

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“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” Once you have you affirmations for success, discipline yourself to take action and you have just made the connection between dreaming and reality.

Discipline takes you from wishing for success to achieving it.  When you stay on track for a long period of time you can achieve any goal you set for yourself.

Affirmation must be positive and it is not conflict with your goal, it is easily to say that “I want to start a million dollar  business”, ” I want to lose 10 pounds in 3 months”, I want to get the job with 20% pay rise” etc. etc.. But you know what, you will never get what you want, not because of the universe did’t respond to you, it is because the universe responding well to what you are asking. Now you begin to doubt the law of attraction, why is that so? I am asking for what I want, ask shall be given isn’t it? Yes, Ask Shall Be Given, you know what, you are asking these in the intention of lack of . You want this because you are lack of this, you want that because you are lack of that…you get me now? Because you are in lack of mode, the universe will give you more lack of!

BobeChow Law Of Attraction

Example of 10 Good Affirmation you can begin with:

  1. I am happy in my current job and am ready to step up for success.
  2. I am talented in (Any Business) and I am capable to run a successful business.
  3. Everyday I am getting more energetic and getting stronger.
  4. I have a happy family, we are living together happily and in harmony.
  5. I am having a perfect body shape, I am wearing the size (S/M), this is my right size and it fit me well.
  6. My business is growing day by day, I am earning my income easily and with little effort.
  7. I am successful in everything I attempt.
  8. My cooking are delicious, everyone loves the food I cooked.
  9. I am talented, ambitious, and making my dreams come true.
  10. Everyday, good thing will happen to me all the time.

Some say it takes 21 days of repetition for an affirmation make its mark on your mind, so aim to keep your affirmation going for at least a month. To be honest, when you first started trying it, it felt weird and uncomfortable. Over time, however, you will started looking forward to the moment and felt a difference in my productivity at work.

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Bobechow Law of Attraction T-ShirtBobechow Law Of Attraction T-Shirt

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