This Is How You Turn Your Life Around

Many people struggling with making the law of attraction working for them.

why the law of attraction not working

There are many articles and books out there talking about law of attraction and how to apply the law of attraction on their daily life, the result are pronominal for some but also many of people like you and me are seems unable to make it work. You begin to doubt yourself, you begin to doubt the Universe, and eventually you go back to your usual life, which you think where you belongs and where you should be, and keep struggling, work hard to earn a living and repeat each and every day.

Happy Universe

The only thing that matters is how you feel, and you have control over how you feel. Even how much you can benefit others is determined by how you feel, so your attention must be on how you feel. You choose how you feel based on what you are doing with your energy – allowing well-being to flow or resisting well-being. Well-being is always predominant, so the quality of any experience is determined by the degree to which you allow well-being to flow freely. What you give attention to, what you think about, and what you focus on determines how you feel, and how you feel determines what kinds of experiences you have.

Due to human nature and so many distractions from family, work, friends and with all kind of information flowing in to your social media every minute, it is super difficult to focus on your feel good feeling and getting yourself sync with the Universe to give the result you want, remember that “You Become What You Think About”, if you mind and thought are always affected by your surrounding, you will never able to achieve what you always wanted in life, it is as simple as that.

The Law Of Attraction T-shirt and Hoodies by BobeChow Creation are specifically design to help you to focus on what you want, reminding you all the time, making your mind to shift from negative thought to positive thought because you are constantly AWARE that you are DELIBERATELY creating your future.

law of attraction T-shirtLaw Of Attraction T-shirt



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